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General questions  

I’ve never exercised before, can I do it? Come and enjoy the first session, everyone works at their own pace. I always offer 2-3 levels of intensity for each exercise, it’s absolutely fine if you need to take things down a notch whilst you build your fitness. Make sure you turn up for the next session too!

I am very fit, how will that work? There are always racier alternatives and I am happy to challenge and progress you

What if it rains? Classes run whatever the weather (with the exception of lightning!) Bring waterproof layers and don’t forget your rain cover for your pram.

I’m recovering from injury/surgery… You must tell me if you are injured. If you know alternatives that work for you or have been recommended by your physio, use them. I am qualified to provide appropriate options for a wide range of common injuries.

I’m self conscious about exercising in front of a class in the park… We’re an inclusive group working towards a common goal. You may wish to try a PT session to begin with if you are particularly worried.

I can’t run… I am happy to provide safe, static, low/no impact alternatives.


PostBabyBods questions  

How is postnatal fitness different from regular exercise? It is generally lower impact, slightly lower intensity, with a focus on re-establishing and building core strength and safely burning calories. I will also give you pelvic floor exercises as homework.

How is PostBabyBods different from Buggyfit? In essence it’s the same, in reality it’s totally more awesome!

When am I allowed to start exercising? After a normal delivery and GP sign off, you can start 6 weeks after birth. After a caesarian section and GP sign off, you can generally start exercising from 8 weeks. However, whenever you start, it is critical to listen to your body and work at your own capacity.

What if my baby cries? Your baby’s needs come first and I recommend that you soothe/feed/cuddle as necessary.

I’m worried about my pelvic floor… I demonstrate various approaches for each exercise including no/low impact alternatives. Pelvic floor issues are normal, and shouldn’t prevent you from exercising.

I think I have postnatal depression, is exercising right for me? Absolutely. Physical exercise is a proven mediator of depressive symptoms. Exercising in a group is even better as it has the added benefit of providing social support and community. I can make further recommendations if you need additional support.

My boobs leak… I recommend you aim to feed your baby/express before the session. Wear a double bra for support if comfortable and use breast pads. Keep in mind that you are in good company.

I have ab separation… I am trained in checking for abdominal separation. If you are concerned, I will check them. There is always an alternative exercise offered for those with ab separation.

I am pregnant, can I take part? You must tell me if you are pregnant. I will give you safe alternatives as required.


PT questions  

What if I need to cancel my session? I require 24 hours notice of any cancellation. I will endeavour to reschedule your session for a mutually suitable time in the same week. If this cannot be accommodated, you will need to pay for your missed session. Please refer to my Terms & Conditions for further information.

Is it cheaper if I buy more sessions? One-off sessions cost £50. If you purchase 10 sessions in advance the 11th is FREE.

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