I can barely breathe…

The first Fitwise flyers hot off the press!

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7 months on from my solo launch into PT and group work-outs at South Park Gardens and Quicks Road park so much has happened, changed and developed from my initial business model to provide great fitness to targeted niches in my community at times and places that suit busy lives.

Fitwise is now entering an additional new and very exciting stratosphere. Over the coming weeks and months I will be pacing the paths, pavements and parks on a ‘mum with pram’ search to recruit all my ‘Post Baby Bods’ for Fitwise’s 2 a week post- natal exercise classes to be delivered in the beautiful environs of South Park Gardens.  The classes are all about safe post-natal fitness and wellbeing.

Exercises are tailored to fitness and ability levels which options for no/low or gentle impact, for post-delivery issues and for progressive results to restoring, gaining and maintaining do-able fitness. An hour of high or low as you like energy as we reinvent the park as an outdoor gym.

Classes are scheduled Tuesdays @ 2pm and Friday at 10am starting with 2 FREE SESSIONS on April 7and 10.

I have done extensive market research asking mums in Wimbledon for their  ideal slots and have tried to cater for all routines by placing classes morning and afternoon.  They are also nicely spaced for recovery of worked and newly toned bods so mums can safely enjoy 2 sessions a week!

Post-natal fitness is a prerequisite to and paramount to speedy recovery and restoration of your new post-bump silhouette.  Fresh air, (rain or shine), good company with like-minded new mums all in the great outdoors.


I deliver creative, safe and effective fitness fun.  I am a Personal Trainer qualified in pre- and post-natal exercise design and have 3 years local experience in the field (park).  I know that classes kick start weight loss, improve energy levels, build community and new friendships. Shared work-outs  are proven to benefit adhesion to and realisation of  fitness goals.  We also have fun and so much more.